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10 Affordable Wellness Retreats In Costa Rica 2024

Located in Central America, Costa Rica contains five percent of the world’s existing biodiversity. So if you’re looking for a place to rejuvenate while nature surrounds you, Costa Rica is the perfect spot. The splendor and simplicity of the outdoors make it a sought-after destination for wellness retreats. 

The Guanacaste, Central, and Talamanca Mountain Ranges make up a majority of the country’s land, emblazoning the country with abundant vistas and treks. Not only that but there are also around 800 miles of coastline. With all this natural beauty, you’ll find plenty of affordable wellness retreats in Costa Rica.

Whether you find yourself in the mountains, on the coast, or somewhere in between, the diverse terrain, flora, and welcoming community can help revitalize you.

1. Hacienda Del Sol

Hacienda Del Sol

In need of a reset in mind and body? Hacienda Del Sol focuses on exactly that. It’s intentionally secluded in the jungle in Guanacaste, yet only a five-minute ride to the beach. Your goals are their goals, with specific retreats offered for strength, yoga, cleansing and detox, and more. With a variety of all-inclusive retreats, you can have everything you need while there. 

Each service offers something different depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Farm-to-table meals, fresh juice, spa treatments, hydrotherapy, and even off-site adventures await you at this Costa Rica wellness resort. 

Visitors leave with a renewed sense of balance and appreciation for all things. You get to stay in exotic bungalows, and all the meals prepared by the chefs contain locally sourced ingredients. You can select from their done-for-you or customized yoga retreats. 

2. Parador Resort & Spa

Parador Resort & Spa

The Parador Nature Resort & Spa offers daily breakfast, fine dining, and swimming pools complete with an ocean view.

This isn’t just a place to stay either, Parador is a place to regain wellness that will last long after your visit. Guests can see exotic wildlife around the resort, such as monkeys, sloths, and toucans. These are things you come to expect when visiting a retreat that overlooks the Pacific Ocean amidst 12 acres of tropical rainforest.

Relaxing and rejuvenating or a thrilling visit full of adventure, or a combination of both can be discovered. Parador offers world-class amenities, including spa treatments, meditation classes, and yoga spaces, as well as hiking trails and white sand beaches. All mere minutes from your luxurious room. 

Geared towards both families and adults, the resort has all you need for a tropical getaway. 

3. Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat


Not all wellness retreats in Costa Rica are meant to create connections. Many of them, like Samasati, are intended to help you disconnect from the rigors of stress. 

The Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat can be found in a secluded rainforest, where guests can find their purpose. Focusing on restorative and transformative programs, they match you up with mentors that help guide your path. 

Yoga sessions, bathing in the forest, and stunning flora await you at the retreat center. Meditation and nature immersion plus locally sourced food come included. It’s all topped off with freshly pressed juice to help with wellness from the inside to the outside. 

When ready for adventure, hike to national parks, view scenic waterfalls, go on thrilling horseback rides, and even jaw-dropping ziplining. Looking for urban adventures? The Caribbean culture awaits you with its nightlife, shopping, dining, and more in nearby Puerto Viejo.

4. The Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden

When the jungle speaks to you, it’s time to head to the Goddess Garden. The yoga retreat center is surrounded by lush vegetation and focuses on yoga, meditation, and plant-based practices. 

Located on 14 acres of beauty between the rainforest and the Caribbean Sea, you can find sustainable practices and a place to rejuvenate and re-energize.

Wander through exotic gardens or cozy up in your very own bungalow. Enjoy local and healthy food options. Soak in the sun and the ocean at the private beach with your 5 or 7-day stay that includes all the meals. 

They offer several all-inclusive packages, from rest and meditation to full-on Costa Rican adventures. Whatever you choose, you’ll find what brings you the best energy. 

5. Kinkara Luxury Retreat

Kinkara Luxury Retreat

Experience mountains, valleys, and rainforests amidst 800 acres of Talamanca Mountain Range. Beach excursions, several national parks close by, a bird sanctuary, and so much more make this wellness retreat a treat for the senses.

Guests at Kinkara can customize an itinerary that fits them, from exciting adventures to relaxation techniques, or attend one of their group retreats. Their water, earth, fire, and wind packages have diverse oferings. The Earth package can connect you to the Earth with a sound session, tree planting, horseback riding, and more. 

All sessions include meal service. Most of the food served at the Kinkara is grown onsite and harvested from their impressive Mandala garden bed. They source their vegetables, herbs, and fruit from the forest. The resort also serves as a perma-culture classroom, combining nutrition, education, and mindfulness all into one crucial practice — wellness. Facilities include everything from luxury tents to bathhouses.

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6. Hacienda Barrigona

Hacienda Barigona

Hacienda Barrigona is situated on 500 acres of hidden beauty on the Nicoya Peninsula. 

Two family-style meals are provided daily, along with an intimate setting of three villas for groups and families and 11 rooms that create a truly secluded environment. In this intimate setting, guests feel right at home under the jungle canopy, with the ocean only steps away. Enjoy activities like surfing, paddleboarding, hiking, fishing, and yoga. 

If you’re a teacher, you can host your own retreats on their premises. They have a pool, large open spaces with high ceilings, tropical decor, and a natural environment you won’t find anywhere else. 

7. AmaTierra Hotel


The AmaTierra Hotel is located on eight acres in the Costa Rican Mountains right around 2000 feet of elevation. 

Enjoy an open-air yoga studio, therapists, and even a professional nutritionist to get you on the path to your goals. Being an all-inclusive eco-resort and yoga retreat, there are daily meditation classes for everyone. Spa services like massages are provided at the on-site spa. 

When it comes time to nourish the body, enjoy food from organic gardens, a greenhouse, free-range chickens, and other farm-to-table culinary dining at their onsite restaurant. 

Lodging options include an overnight bed and breakfast stay in casitas and an all-inclusive retreat, including various packages. Yoga is a popular activity, done in their outdoor studio and taught by talented instructors.

8. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Located within the beauty of the Nosara Jungle, the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has everything you need. From the ocean and the land comes wellness and adventure with Bodhi Tree’s day or week-long retreats. You can find expert Yogis and guides to move you along your path with yoga sessions and surfing adventures. It’s all offered along with local cuisine, artisanal drinks, and a juice bar.

The eco-friendly resort offers spa treatments, strength workouts, and adventurous sea and outdoor excursions. There’s even an on-site boutique, a saltwater infinity pool, and a variety of rooms with private pools, balconies, and even outdoor shoes.  

Their cozy accommodations provide luxury while carefully maintaining a carefree spirit. Yoga is the name of the game here, and they welcome complete beginners to experts. All the food is freshly made. 

9. Blue Osa

Blue Osa

Blue Osa gives you ample space to play and relax with eco-tourism activities and yoga by the beach. Located near Osa Peninsula, a stay brings you the sounds of waves, melodic animal life, and nature songs.

The fully immersive experience at Blue Osa provides a detailed itinerary all planned out for you, but you can also just relax on the beach with maybe a hike or two. Kayaking, bird watching, guided hikes, and spa services are seemingly endless. 

There’s farm-to-table cuisine which includes their onsite herb garden. If you’re a yogi in training, there are also training sessions that help you with your skills. The accommodations include large rooms with nature on display in all directions. 

10. Villa Punto de Vista

Villa Punto De Vista

Villa Punto de Vista isn’t just a luxury retreat, it offers privacy with beautiful beaches in a jungle paradise filled with wildlife. Near the town of Manuel Antonio, guests can find an oasis in a seaside, fully staffed, private villa for the entire group. They host everything from family reunions to instructor-led training and even weddings. 

Each room is uniquely themed to create a sanctuary of relaxation and rest. Ensuite bedrooms, rain showers, private bars, around-the-clock staff, including a private chef who will greet you every morning with breakfast and mimosas. 

Experience both ocean and jungle views. World-class amenities like an infinity pool and private chauffeur get you into the water, the jungle, or both. There are many social areas, both indoors and out. Participate in daily yoga or the fine art of cocktail sipping.

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