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About Us

Retreat Pundit was built to help companies and people find the right retreat center and wellness retreat for individuals and teams. Retreats are a way for people to free themselves from the daily stresses of life and gain a feeling of spiritual and mindful peace.

Retreat Pundit was first founded by Kami and Emily. I’m Kami, a wellness enthusiast who enjoys fitness and nutrition. I love a day in the spa just as much as anyone else and traveling is one of my passions. I created Retreat Pundit to help other travelers find the perfect wellness retreat to go on.

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There are many kinds of retreat centers and resorts, with some focused on serving large groups while others offer individual retreats for someone who wants to spend time at peace by themselves. If you need some helpful direction to find the perfect place for any kind of retreat, use our listings for help.

For each review, we try to cover specific information that might help make your decision. We include the address of the place, so you can instantly get a sense of where it’s located. We describe who the center is for, whether it’s for corporate retreats, sports retreats, spiritual retreats, religious retreats, or any kind you can imagine.

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Since there are many people who want to go on solo journeys, there is also a mention of that. Reviews also go in-depth on what people can expect in terms of facilities and activities that can be done. We cover retreat centers by city and state but in the near future, we plan on expanding by type.