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11 Best Wellness Retreats In Bali

Best Wellness Retreats in Bali

If you’re looking for the best wellness retreats in Bali, Indonesia, choose from any of the following here.

It’s no secret that Bali is one of the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide, thanks to its soft sand beaches, ancient temples, and picture-perfect landmarks.

These same characteristics, on top of a peaceful atmosphere, make Bali an excellent location to attend a wellness retreat.

You will find no better place than Bali to disconnect from life as you know it and reconnect with yourself.

Best Wellness Retreats In Bali

There are many reasons to come to a wellness retreat in Bali. Its beautiful and natural landscapes have made it a sought-after destination for people looking to enjoy a peaceful getaway. There is never a bad time to visit Bali as the temperature doesn’t shift too much around the year.

This popular island in Asia is famous for its meditation and yoga retreats that take you to waterfalls and pristine beaches as well as opportunities for hiking the lush jungles. The Island of the Gods as it’s referred to lives up to its name.

Come and enjoy a rich culture with delicious food, especially for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. It’s quite affordable, and you will find that these retreats aren’t as costly as others but still match the same luxury offerings.

1. Five Elements

Five Elements

Incorporating the ancient traditions and stunning pastoral and jungle landscape of the surrounding area, Five Elements transports you to a natural place to find a more centered version of yourself.

Enjoy the detoxing and purifying benefits of a plant-based menu lovingly crafted by professional chefs. If you want to take their wisdom home with you after a vacation, opt for a retreat to teach you all about healthy cuisines, including prep and cooking techniques.

Stay in one of the fabulous riverside, hillside, or garden villas. Each accommodation has been carefully crafted with the environment in mind, seamlessly blending comfort with the gorgeous wild surroundings. Warm decor and inviting spaces will beckon you to rest comfortably every day as you wrap up the hours spent on your wellness journey.

Experience optimized wellness through ancient practices aimed at treating the body, mind, and spirit. Traditional Balinese wisdom is handed down through generations of the Five Elements family straight to you. Find it along the Ayung River, north of Denpasar, far enough to be away from it all.

2. The Asa Maia

Asa Masia

The Asa Maia is located just outside of Denpasar to the southwest, a convenient distance from I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport. Uluwatu is where you can find this great escape and a chance to find yourself.

The accommodations at The Asa Maia have a storied past, and you can become immersed in the story during your visit. The suites, referred to as Gladaks, have been carefully assembled on-site from wood structures nearly a century old. These structures blend the natural surroundings and modern comforts seamlessly. It isn’t just a place to relax, it’s your own sacred space within the larger confines of the overall resort.

The Asa Maia strives to incorporate the local culture into your stay by crafting an entire menu from locally sourced organic produce to create pescatarian and vegan meals. Wellness is a journey, and the meals they provide give you the right kind of energy for such an impactful journey.

Through a combination of activities involving breath work, surfing, fitness, yoga, and treatments at the spa, guests can round out their wellness experience and try a little bit of everything.


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3. Nandini Jungle

Nandini Bali

Tucked away in the Payangan rainforest of central Bali sits Nandini Jungle, a Hanging Gardens resort experience. If you’re looking for a retreat away from the busy side of the island, look no further than this mountainside gem.

Although this is not an all-inclusive style resort, you get terrific value with the accommodations and the ability to choose how to spend your time. You can choose from a full menu of spa treatments, attend yoga sessions with a trained master, or join a cooking class to learn some of the ancient secrets of Balinese cuisine.

When not engaged in activities meant for wellness, the very environment relaxes visitors and centers them. Sit in the middle of a dense forest with spectacular views of sunrises and sunsets. There is even a suite available to give you the best possible angle to watch the sunrise through the mists of the surrounding jungle.

If you’re looking for a fantastic stop on your honeymoon or wedding itinerary, check out Nandini Jungle.

4. Bali Goddess Retreats

Goddess Retreats

For the woman looking to get away from it all and reconnect with her inner deity, Bali Goddess Retreats offers a chance to recenter. In the heart of Denpasar but a short stroll to the beach, Goddess Retreats provides an island oasis, free of all concerns, ready for you to discover your best life.

There are wellness packages that cater to every kind of retreat. Relax yourself with the Bali Goddess package, complete with room, board, and spa treatments. Learn to ride the waves with a Surf Goddess package, which provides a week of surfing time on the water. 

Challenge your body with a Fitness Goddess package, or attend to your overall life with a Wellness Goddess retreat. All packages come with a well-balanced mix of relaxation, rigorous activities, and nutrition to fuel your days. Most of the packages include an all-inclusive 7-day stay.  

Lone travelers and friend groups are welcome to their homely and traditionally appointed villas. A relaxing oasis of comfort awaits days spent doing things that excite you the most, encouraging the inner goddess to come out and stay for good.

5. Revivo Wellness Resort

Revivo Wellness Resort

A short hop from the airport in the Nusa Dua hills in the southeast, you will find the Revivo Wellness Resort. Its surroundings are an old teak forest, providing a scene reminiscent of a fairy tale that feels familiar. There is no better location to embark on a journey of transformation on the path to wellness.

Choose from one of six signature programs depending on your intentions. Focus on a reset with detoxification or train the mind to relax and destress. Set yourself up for longevity with a retreat focused on productive rest. 

If you’re here to improve your physical being, choose an option for nutrition and reshaping that provides actionable steps during your visit and when you return. There is just a 3-day minimum stay, but you will probably want to experience it for longer than that. 

There are a limited number of accommodations available at Revivo Bali. The 22 resort villas ensure that your guest experience never feels crowded or anything less than luxurious. Each accommodation has been carefully curated to include Balinese-influenced decor with locally sourced materials, providing guests with an eco-conscious lodging experience.

6. Bali Floating Leaf

Bali Floating Leaf

Bali Floating Leaf Resort is one of the most decorated retreat locations with a massive awards list. Retreats of all types are offered, including their famous yoga retreat, personal and group retreats, and the award-winning Path to Happiness retreat. Teachers can also host their own retreats and make the most of its facilities. 

The limited number of rooms available at Floating Leaf lends an air of exclusivity to the experience, ensuring you feel the one-on-one attention of the legendary staff. There are eco-conscious pool views, garden rooms, and family bungalow rooms available.

Retreats are catered to the sort of activities you wish to focus on. Engage your physical and spiritual body with a yoga retreat, indulge in a romantic getaway with that special someone, or get on the water and spend your days surfing. Return to your cozy room and relax or book a spa treatment and have your cares melt away.

Walk in and float out feeling lighter than air, it’s the Floating Leaf promise to every guest.

7. Sukhavati Bali

Sukhaviti Bali

You can find Sukhavati Bali in Denpasar, the busiest spot in Bali. It receives weary travelers from around the world who are ready to achieve holistic wellness. The wellness programs at Sukhavati are based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, one of the oldest known systems of natural care still in use today in some parts of the world, like India and Nepal.

You’ll be able to choose a program to focus on a specific area of your wellness that you want to address. This includes everything from detoxification to stress management. Through a combination of activities involving your physical and spiritual self-being, you employ Ayurvedic techniques to attend to yourself.

The accommodations at Sukhavati are as unique as the wellness programs on offer. There are eight villas to choose from, each with its own story and full of character, comforts, and peace of mind. The luxurious surroundings of your room will provide you with a welcome place to rest and plan for the weeklong journey ahead.

Sukhavati strives to bring guests into the world of ancient traditions still alive and well in Bali. You can visit, become a part of these traditions, and return home with a new foundation changed by the time spent here.

8. The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn sits in the middle of Ubud, one of the better-known cities along the road north of Denpasar. This is thanks in large part to the proximity to Saraswati Temple, which is just a short walk from the entrance of this world-renowned safe space for Yoga practitioners.

Bali travelers can drop by for a class or a day’s worth of things to do. You can choose from classes in meditation, art, dance, Tibetan Bowls, and of course, various Yogic practices. To attend to your wellness, choose from sessions in massage, acupuncture, Reiki, and much more.

Guests who stay overnight are treated to comfortable, inviting spaces to call home. Whether you travel alone or with a group, you can arrange for accommodations to suit any party size.

If you’re an instructor and would like to set up a retreat for a large group, reserve time and space so your entire class can get the undivided attention of the expertly trained staff. Their class schedule lets you see what lessons you can sign up for on your visit. 

9. Soul Sanctuaries

Soul Sanctuaries

Rather than be in a fixed location, Soul Sanctuaries utilizes several independent locations throughout Bali to provide retreats focused on yoga and fitness, mindfulness, and more. These uniquely tailored programs include the option for one-on-one attention from a personal guru.

Their wellness retreats are a great fit for travelers looking for a concentrated program or couples who want to experience the magic of Bali through shared activities. If you’re looking to enjoy a hands-off, pampered experience, there are also options for spa and healing treatments as part of a larger wellness package.

In addition to a full range of retreats in Bali, Soul Sanctuaries also offers services in Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Cambodia. Take advantage of your journey to this side of the world and do some adventuring throughout these diverse and fascinating landscapes.

A retreat booked through Soul Sanctuaries is built to meet your needs as an individual and provide you with a luxury wellness experience. 

10. Zen Resort

Zen Resort Bali

For almost 20+ years, Zen Resort has been inviting seekers from around the world to experience the difference this sacred location provides, far away from the crowds of Denpasar to the south. 

Zen Resort resides on the northern edge of Bali, nestled in tropical forests, overlooking the surrounding hillsides, farms, and the Bali Sea just to the north.

Through a mix of activities based on Ayurvedic practices, yoga, meditation, and Pranayama, you get a chance to create holistic wellness experience at Zen Resort. The concept of Zen is a central focus here, with many of the activities intended to induce such a state at will and teach you the ability to do so.

The most unique part of a retreat at Zen Resort is the opportunity to go on a scuba diving excursion in the Sea of Bali. Travelers can immerse in an underwater world which is an unbelievable source of inspiration.

Nature will be all around you and is woven into the very fabric of a stay at the Zen Resort. It’s easy to form a connection to this beautiful land, and the best way to enjoy it is with this all-inclusive stay. 

11. Bliss Sanctuary for Women

Bliss Sanctuary For Women

For women on the go who want to slow down and be pampered in a safe space, Bliss Sanctuary for Women is a great place to go. Located on the western coast, this is a prime location that’s close to loads of restaurants and attractions.

You won’t know how close you are to it all when you’re inside Bliss Sanctuary, as the atmosphere provides inner peace and tranquility. Spend a week here with one of their premium, truly all-inclusive packages and experience real luxury. 

A vacation covers meals and drinks, unlimited massages and spa treatments, meditation sessions, and a lot more that you can think of. 

This is a fantastic stop along the way or a destination in and of itself. You can receive world-class service, luxuriate in lavish accommodations, and experience a powerful recharge that’s all about your needs.

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