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12 Best Wellness Retreats In Massachusetts 2024

Massachusetts, the hub of New England, attracts visitors worldwide due to its rich foliage and unique spaces, among many other attractions. The Bay State has something for everyone, from laid-back islands to idyllic scenery and off-the-grid retreat resorts.

With both coastal and mountainous regions such as the Berkshire Mountains, Cape Cod, and the North Shore, this state provides a peaceful setting for wellness retreats and serene opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you’re looking to book a wellness retreat to rejuvenate your body and spirit, here is a list of the best wellness retreats and resorts in Massachusetts. You can enjoy a good amount of relaxing activities, thrilling outdoor pursuits, and much more with their fun programs.

1. Embrace Your Higher Self 3 Day Retreat in Sturbridge

Embrace Higher Self Retreat

Set an intention to Embrace Your Higher Self with this 3-day retreat in beautiful Sturbridge, Massachusetts, at the Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center. The pastoral beauty of the surroundings provides the perfect backdrop for this retreat that focuses on releasing the blocks that stand in the way of reaching your greatest potential.

The regimen at the Embrace Your Higher Self retreat is one that includes polarity yoga, energy clearing and aligning hypnosis, and spiritual counseling. You can also engage in meditation and yoga classes regardless of your skill level, starting where you are.

This journey is just the beginning and provides you with the tools you need to continue down the path when you return home. Join host Tina Brigitini, an expert in Polarity Therapy, as you establish a balanced state and enjoy inner peace.

2. Camp Wylo

Camp Wylo

Camp Wylo is an all-inclusive adult summer camp in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. This weekend experience from Thursday to Sunday will help you unplug from everything going on in your life and provide you with a way to reconnect with nature and recharge. 

Activities you’ll enjoy at Camp Wylo include kayaking, yoga classes, pickleball, stand-up paddle boarding, slip and slide, kickball, archery, and much more. At night, you can gather around the campfire with drinks, smores, and music in the background. Camp games and events ensure that everyone feels welcomed and has a great time during these few days. You’re more than welcome to participate in things at your own pace.

Participants stay in spacious and cozy cabins with private bathrooms. All meals are covered and provided by local caterers made to be fresh and healthy. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also included.

3. Mirbeau Inn & Spa

mirbeau inn & spa

Mirbeau Inn & Spa offers some of the best New England wellness retreats. You can pack your schedule with fun activities, fitness classes, pilates classes, and spa services for all kinds of body treatments, including massage services.

With its scenic location in Plymouth, Massachusetts, it offers visitors cycling and walking trails, golf courses, picturesque gardens, close beaches, and the nearby Myles Standish State Forest for hiking and birdwatching trails. The spa area does include an outdoor hot tub for lounging. 

The resort and spa contains over sixteen guest rooms you can choose from, including queen and beds, and views of the gorgeous garden or village. Each guest room also comes with its own fireplace, walk in shower, and soaking tubs. There are also luxury suites and romantic suites if you’re planning a romantic getaway with someone. 

4. Woolman Hill

Woolman Hill sits on 110 acres at the heart of the Connecticut Valley in Western Massachusetts. It has a 150-year-old farmhouse, three retro-style cabins, and a spacious one-bedroom cabin. It can accommodate up to 40 people with a camping option. During the day, the center can comfortably hold up to 150 guests, making it ideal for large events like corporate retreats or weddings. 

You can opt for a guided or personal retreat program. The main activities at Woolman Hill include hiking, wildlife watching, stargazing, spiritual guidance, and more. There are custom activities depending on the type of event you want to hold. The site is open to non-profit organizations, social services, weddings, family reunions, and personal and group retreats.

The peaceful atmosphere and simplistic vibe decouple you from life’s daily hustle and bustle. Check out the weekend programs that are twice the fun! The retreat center is entrenched in the Quaker belief system of spirituality for all. 

5. Temenos Retreat Center

tenemos retreat center

Temenos Retreat Center is situated in the wilderness of Mount Mineral in Shutesbury. The almost 70 acres of campus holds four cabin-style accommodations, sacred sites, a labyrinth, an overlook trail, mysterious stones, and a seasonal lodge. Natural features such as rivers and expansive woodlands are perfect for exploring nature and mountaineering activities for a breath of fresh air.

You can host weekdays, overnight, and week-long meetings for up to 25 people at this retreat center. It’s also an excellent place for holding weddings, family reunions, and yoga sessions that it provides as guided or uninstructed. The area is surrounded by natural beauty with the forest lands, creeks and ponds. 

Temenos provides a great off-the-grid center for school, work, and church retreats. The center and programs retain the core values of what a retreat is meant to be. Personal retreats are also welcome. It’s one of the more secluded retreats in New England.

6. Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health has established itself as one of the top yoga centers in New England to help awaken your innate wisdom. The retreat center, located in Stockbridge, MA, is a hub for yoga, hiking, sauna, private beaches, and the scenic MA Mountains. 

The site offers a slew of self-help and meditation courses. Some of the activities you can expect include yoga, spiritual transformation, reflective workshops, hiking, kayaking, and meditations. It’s the perfect place for an individual retreat for personal transformation, but if you’re a teacher, it’s a suitable place to host an outdoor or yoga class so that students can relax and learn. 

Kripalu is a non-denominational retreat center that guarantees peace of mind. Visitors can choose one of their weekend, day, or extended sessions at different prices. It’s open to all groups with programs focused on mind-body awakening. On regular days, the center accommodates all groups. 

Outside of New England, New York is another popular destination for wellness retreats.

7. Cedar Hill Retreat Center

cedar hill retreat center

Cedar Hill sits on 12 acres of land in Duxbury, MA, and is open to all groups and all faiths. Visitors can expect a private beach, open fields, a meeting center, and cedars on your drive up to the center. During the day, the facilities accommodate 30 guests and 16 guests for overnight stays. Some of the amenities for guests include a fire pit, grills, bed linens, towels, WiFi, a fully stocked kitchen, and much more. 

The unique setting of Cedar Hill matches its distinctive personal-based retreat. You can hold meetings in the living room-oriented meeting halls and design custom retreat activities. The area provides hiking, bird watching, yoga, swimming, spiritual direction and studies, and silent retreat activities for those who visit.

Cedar Hill is ideal for mid-sized companies, church groups, and families who want a laid-back retreat experience in Massachusetts. Even better, they have overnight packages you can consider for group retreats. Cedar Hill sometimes gets busy during the summer, so make a reservation ahead of time.

8. Arnold Hall Conference Center

arnold hall conference center

Arnold Hall Conference Center is a non-profit managed retreat center located in Pembroke, Massachusetts. The multi-acre site hosts workshops, weddings, high school events, company retreats, and family and individual retreats, among other things.

Being a Catholic retreat center, it aims to help visitors form a stronger connection with God through spiritual direction and experience personal development. It can accommodate unique spiritual awakening, wellness, and leadership camps across the United States. There are individual rooms with meals included for all guests who want to visit the center.

Faith-based gatherings, Christian schools, and households can enjoy the Arnold Hall Conference Center’s spiritual-based activities. With its scenic location in Southeastern Massachusetts, there are hiking trails, picturesque sights, and much more that guests can experience. 

9. Friendly Crossways

friendly crossways

Friendly Crossways is located in Harvard, MA, surrounded by forest areas, gardens, and cornfields. The non-denominational retreat center is situated on 40 acres of land and offers a variety of fun outdoor activities like mountain biking and hiking. 

Harvard endorses the center as student-friendly, and the community also approves of the center. Accommodations come in the form of 13 private and family bedrooms. Room amenities include comfy pillows, warm blankets, and hand-made quilts. There’s a main dorm that can accommodate 20 people, and you also have a self-catering option in the modern kitchen.

Wall-to-wall carpeting makes the place perfect for yoga classes. There are lecture-style halls that hold a meeting space capacity of up to 60 people. There are also outdoor meeting spots ideal for weddings and team-building activities. You can organize school retreats, weddings, and family and faith-based gatherings. Its unique country-style setting makes it one of the top Massachusetts retreat centers. Book early since the center attracts many visitors from around the world.

10. Eastover Estate & Eco-Village


Eastover Estate & Eco-Village is set on a 600-acre estate surrounded by forests, meadows, and streams. The retreat offers different types of accommodation, varying widely in amenities and including campgrounds. The resort as a whole can accommodate groups of over 200 people. 

Eastover offers a wide range of wellness programs and activities for guests, including yoga and meditation classes, spa treatments, fitness classes, and outdoor adventures. They have themed retreats, such as sound healing and Daoism, scheduled every month.  

The focus at Eastover is on community and on living holistically and in an eco-friendly way. All activity is done in the most natural way possible, including sourcing their food and using natural water. 

Eastover is your spot if you’re looking for a rejuvenating experience to improve your well-being, connect with nature, and take a break from modern life in a holistic and natural way.

11. Miraval Berkshires

miraval berkshires

Miraval Berkshires Wellness is an ultra-luxurious wellness resort in Lenox, a town nestled cozily in the Berkshire Mountains. The resort organizes its experiences by the type of trip its guests seek and their intentions. 

You can choose from the standard spa, culinary, or outdoor experience, or you could do a more bespoke retreat for grieving and loss. Miraval’s curation doesn’t end there, as you can easily call them, and one of their program concierges will help you design your perfect getaway. 

Taking full advantage of the exceptional nature surrounding the property, Miraval focuses on the energies of each of the four seasons and helps you connect with nature based on the time of year. 

Want to do yoga in a meadow of orange and yellow leaves? Go during autumn. Need a mid-winter refresher? Check out their snowshoeing program. If you’re an avid golfer, they got you covered nine months of the year. 

Dining options are all gourmet, and you have full access to recreational facilities such as pools, saunas, and tennis courts. Classes offered at the wellness resort include yoga, pilates, meditation, poetry, cross-country skiing, and more. 

12. Canyon Ranch Lenox

canyon ranch massachusetts

Canyon Ranch is a leading integrative wellness resort surrounded by the natural scenery of the Berkshires. The resort is event-oriented, with activities offered on a weekly basis, all of which include spa treatments, fitness classes, cooking lessons, outdoor adventures, and educational workshops. Their Pathways program helps you expertly curate a longer stay, but you can also check in for quicker visits, such as a day pass or even a single service. 

The guest rooms and suites are spacious, with comfortable beds and all the amenities. The Bellefontaine Mansion is grand on the outside but welcoming and homey on the inside. Their spa facilities include baths, a sauna for a relaxing time, and a fitness center to stay active. 

There are plenty of attractions in the surrounding area, including museums and gardens like the Berkshire Botanical Garden. The resort is also located within easy driving distance of popular destinations such as the Appalachian Trail and the Hudson Valley, making it a great home base for exploring the region. 

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