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10 Best Wellness Retreats In Washington

Washington State is a beautiful place with big cities, rural living, mountains, forests, rivers, and rocky coastlines. 

The lifestyle in Washington is generally relaxed and outdoorsy. Visitors and locals have many hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife spotting opportunities. These special characters make Washington home to many wellness retreats and resorts that provide amazing experiences. 

When choosing a wellness retreat in Washington to attend, consider your interests and how off-grid you want to be. Some retreats focus on specific practices, such as yoga and meditation, while others offer a more general range of activities. 

1. Cottage Lake B&B Spiritual Retreat

Cottage Lake Spiritual Retreat

Enjoy three different types of meditation practice at this 3-Day Spiritual Retreat located in Woodinville, Washington. Situated on Cottage Lake, this comfy home is a great place to escape and relax while you journey inward toward peace and tranquility. The setting provides a perfect balance of town and country, with the conveniences of Seattle within distance.

Throughout this 3-day retreat, you’ll be offered an instructor-guided-, Japanese Zen-, and a solo meditation. If you’re interested in exploring further with assistance, your hosts John and Beth also offer additional services. These include individual yoga lessons, Chinese massages, Natal horoscope interpretation, and counseling.

Accommodations include a choice of private suite fit for one or two guests. You’ll also have full access to the property including water activities on the Cottage Lake, providing you outdoor recreation combined with restorative practices.

2. Salish Lodge and Spa

Salisha Lodge

Ultimate luxury and exquisite meals in an iconic destination. Salish Lodge and Spa in Snoqualmie promises a rejuvenating escape that’s more than just a vacation. It’s a lavish experience where you will have everything you need for the ultimate comfort. 

Even the dining experience at Salish Lodge is marvelous. You can enjoy local meals cooked with award-winning wine. Your table will overlook flowing water and trees and outstanding Seattle views. With vegan options as well. 

All rooms at the lodge are designed to feel calm and welcoming. Amenities include gas fireplaces, dual shower heads, soaking tubs, balconies, and beautiful natural views. The rooms are so cozy, so you won’t run into issues sleeping in them during your retreat. 

If you’re hosting an event or treating yourself, the Snoqualmie Valley is the ideal location. Hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, and horseback riding are all available for outdoor enthusiasts. Put yourself out in nature, or admire it from the spa. 

3. PostHotel Leavenworth

Posthotel Leavenworth

Kids are great, but sometimes you need a vacation that doesn’t include taking care of them. Fortunately, Posthotel in Leavenworth is an adults-only hotel. It implements wellness practices inspired by the Alps, which creates a unique atmosphere.

The PostHotel wellness area and full-service spa include the standard luxuries, plus a few bonuses like nap rooms and different kinds of swimming pools. 

Seasonal activities are also available during your stay at Posthotel. Bicycles, snowshoes, and cross-country ski rentals respectively, as well as seasonal use of Enzian Falls Putting Course. 

While all rooms at Posthotel are fantastic, a few select rooms have private terraces and balconies that set them apart. Few things feel more luxurious than private mountain views from the marble soaking tub. 

The heart of the entire property is the Wellness Area, which features peaceful pools and saunas. The town of Leavenworth is an attraction all on its own, with unique architecture and museums. 

4. Soap Lake Resort

Soap Lake Resort

Soap Lake Resort can be found right in the center of Washington along the renowned Soap Lake. The lake is famous for its therapeutic properties due to the high concentration of minerals in the waters. They give it a milky appearance and are said to provide benefits for the skin. 

The luxurious resort is a good place to relax, heal, and feel at ease with nature. It has a beautiful mountain setting which adds to the atmosphere. Some of the resort amenities include spa treatments, a sauna, watercraft rentals, and a private beach along with outdoor hot tubs.

Soap Lake Resort has everything from cottages and suites to rooms and a full RV park you can stay in. If you have a preferred style of accommodations or you want to spoil yourself, Soap Lake Resort can give you an awesome experience. 

If you ever plan to head south to Oregon, you will want to see these amazing wellness retreats in Oregon.

5. Ross Lake Resort

Rosslake Resort

Ross Lake Resort is a great place to visit for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation. There is something for everyone at the resort, and it can certainly provide a remarkable experience. 

Founded in 1952 at the center of the North Cascade Mountains, Ross Lake is mostly famous for its floating cabins. Fifteen modern cabins, varying in sizes, are nestled along the shores of the lake. 

This resort is only open seasonally: mid-June through October. You have the choice to stay at the resort, camp overnight, or visit for the day. If you want to stay overnight in a floating cabin, you need to be diligent about joining the wait list for reservations and keeping an eye out for last-minute cancellations. 

In order to camp at Ross Lake, you will need a backcountry camping permit because you will need to be well-educated on how to stay safe and be prepared. Plan properly, and you will have a blast exploring the lake, viewing the wildlife, and being unplugged. 

6. The Whidbey Institute

Whidbey Institute

The Whidbey Institute is a non-profit organization offering educational programs and retreats on Whidbey Island in Clinton, Washington. The Whidbey Institute was founded in 1977 and continues to create a place where people can come to learn, reflect, and connect with nature. 

There are many retreats, workshops, and conferences to attend on Whidbey Island. The programs focuses range from leadership, sustainability, drawing, and mindfulness. All of which can be attended by individuals or groups.

The Whidbey campus is over 100 acres of dense, beautiful forest. It also includes a variety of facilities, including a library, a conference center, and a number of classrooms and meeting rooms. The Institute also has integrated gardens and four miles of nature trails for you to hike. 

Accommodations are equally as lovely as their surroundings. A quaint cabin village sits in the forest, sleeping up to 30 people. Potential visitors can choose to attend a wellness retreat that’s already scheduled at Whidbey. Or they can choose to organize one themselves for their business. 

7. Semiahmoo Resort & Spa

Semiahmoo Resort

There are near-endless reasons to visit the Pacific Northwest. The amount of outdoor activities you can do in Washington is astounding. And you can do them all at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine (two hours north of Seattle). 

Whatever the season, Semiahmoo has all you could ever want to have for your family’s visit. It’s also a great place for group or business retreats, as well as weddings and other special events. 

The two main attractions at Semiahmoo are the full golf course and spa. Both are open year round, available to both members and guests. Fill your days with golf, spa treatments, delicious food, and any activity you’re interested in. Then spend the night in luxury rooms, private patios, fireplaces, and all the fixings of comfort. They also have a pool and offer fitness classes. 

Semiahmoo Resort overlooks Semiahmoo Bay and Drayton Harbor. There you will find walkable beaches and trails, mountain views, and wildlife viewing. For deluxe experiences in a naturally beautiful place, head to Semiahmoo. 

8. Harmony Hill Healing Retreat

Harmony Hill

Guests can come to Harmony Hill Healing Retreat to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate. It offers a peaceful mountain forest setting with a variety of activities and services.

Participants get access to practical resources for spiritual healing and wellness.  Their retreats offer yoga, meditation, massages, and other classes provided by professionals. 

There are also hiking trails, a swimming pool, and a library. The staff at Harmony Hill are experienced and caring, and dedicated to helping people feel complete happiness at their facility. 

There’s room for all kinds of groups and events at Harmony Hill. They operate right alongside the healing retreats, so everyone has the chance to enjoy the quiet setting. Join one of their many health and wellness programs on campus, or host your own for your group/business. 

9. Suncadia Resort

Suncadia Resort

Located on over 6,000 wooded acres in Cle Elum, Suncadia Resort makes for a perfect spot to explore the great outdoors. This resort brings together two different styles of vacationing onto one campus: luxury and outdoorsy. 

Forty miles of hiking and biking trails will keep nature lovers happy. You can even go white water rafting. Three golf courses, a world-class spa, and fine dining keep the luxury lovers entertained. 

The resort offers a range of activities so you can make the most of your luxury vacation. Experiences include pool cabanas, woodworking and art classes (some specifically for kids), marathons, ax throwing, archery, wine and walking tours, movie nights, and so much more! 

There’s a strong sense of community at Suncadia Resort as they partner closely with the locals. The surrounding nature is precious and beautiful, and the community works together to keep it that way. Suncadia brings respect for nature and living in luxury together. 

10. Rosario Resort and Spa

Rosario Resort and Spa

For some, a getaway to the mountains might not feel far away enough. Orcas Island is part of the San Juan Islands and is home to Rosario Resort and Spa. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places, making it more spectacular than other places in Washington. 

Museums, a spa, restaurants, and a marina are all part of the campus at Rosario, which stretches over 40 acres. Every room type offers amazing views of Cascade Bay, the harbor, or the hills. 

Aside from all the lovely spa treatments to take advantage of, Rosario has plenty of activities to fill your retreat. Live events and museum tours are available, as well as whale/wildlife watching, kayaking, day sailing, plus sunset and wine cruises. All in the picturesque setting of the San Juan Islands

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