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7 Best Wellness Retreats In Oklahoma

With the abundant natural beauty of the southern region of the United States, Oklahoma is a great place to experience your next retreat. The Sooner State is home to idyllic small towns, rustic charm, and iconic landscapes filled with forests, rivers, and rolling hills. 

This creates a perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation, free of the distractions of everyday life for a much-needed wellness getaway. Whether you’re looking for a retreat for meditation, yoga, or a little pampering, there are choices all around the state. 

Get ready to rest, relax, and find yourself with any of these Oklahoma wellness retreats.

Big Om Yoga Retreat

Big Om Yoga Retreat

Big Om Yoga Retreat takes advantage of multiple locations in the Tulsa area to host its retreats year-round. Spring and summer retreats are hosted at the Sequoyah State Park which is just an hour outside of the city. Fall and winter programs are hosted at comfortable accommodations that serve as a place to relax.

Themes are a central aspect of the experience at a Big Om Yoga Retreat. They encourage participants to embrace their creativity, enjoy the great outdoors with SUP, and honor the natural rhythms of the world while moving their bodies through yoga classes and outdoor activities.

Their Oklahoma retreats are scheduled throughout the year as three-day weekends, making it a short getaway that’s easy to book. The proximity to Tulsa means commuting to and from the area is easy. 

The price of admission includes meals, shared lodging, and a range of activities that take advantage of the season. Choose your favorite season to attend, or grab a Four Seasons Annual Pass and attend all the programs.

In addition to the retreats hosted in Oklahoma, there are annual retreats to Costa Rica and Mexico. Join other practitioners on an adventure to the beaches and forests of these gorgeous Latin American countries.

Beauty for Ashes Healing Retreat

Beauty for Ashes Healing Retreat is a Christian-based women’s experience in Caney, conveniently close to Oklahoma City and the greater Dallas Fort Worth region. This is a perfect chance for women to escape to nature and work through the wellness process alongside others with the guidance of a trained team of specialists.

The Beauty For Ashes Healing Retreat addresses the needs of every guest’s unique situation and helps them to improve their body, soul, and spirit. The physical is treated through massage, body, and breathwork. The soul is healed through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit as you communicate with Him. The spirit is made better through a combination of coaching, prayer, and ministry time.

There are two retreats every year during the transitional seasons. The first is in spring to symbolize the coming rebirth of the natural world, and the other is in fall to symbolize the need for repose, rest, and recovery before the winter sets in.

These are small group retreats intended to produce the maximum good for every attendee. Be sure to check out the website and reserve your spot quickly because they do sell out fast.

Rick & Mary NurrieStearns Retreats

Rick Marry Nurrie Stearns Retreats

Rick & Mary NurrieStearns Retreats are hosted at St. Crispin’s Retreat Center near the town of Wewoka, close to Oklahoma City and Tulsa. There are two retreats a year that occur in the spring and fall, coinciding with the changing seasons and providing participants with a wonderful natural display.

Over the course of a three-day weekend, guests will enjoy an immersion in mindfulness and meditation, gentle yoga, spiritual inquiry, and art therapy. This helps you experience a break from everyday life, a chance to connect to your inner guide, find clarity, and get closer to your true self. 

The Rick & Mary NurrieStearns Retreats provides you with all the tools you need to find and sustain lasting peace in the company of other like-minded people. Explore the beautiful grounds of St. Crispin’s Retreat Center during your stay and explore over 400 acres of rolling hills filled with oak trees. Quiet hiking trails and two lakes on the property make for an awe-inspiring location to contemplate all things, big and small. 

Admission includes all meals, a small selection of snacks and drinks, your very own accommodations in the lodge, and a calendar full of activities to journey inward. You can make the most of your time in this beautiful neck of the woods.

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St. Francis of the Woods Retreats

St Francis Of Woods

If you’re looking for an ideal location to visit as an individual or host a self-guided retreat with a group, look at St. Francis of the Woods in Coyle. All are welcome to reserve a full experience with overnight lodging and activities or visit for a day trip escape.

Their location is approximately 45 minutes from Oklahoma City and 1.5 hours from Tulsa, so it’s far enough away from the distractions of the city. The property is a fine example of the magic on display across Oklahoma for all to see. 

There are forests and fields, and closer to the main building and cabins, there are gardens to stroll through. Take a walk through the field and make your way through one of the labyrinths. These field paths are great for times of quiet contemplation in a serene environment.

Depending on the size of your group, you can choose from one of the unique cabins or full guest homes on Saint Francis Of The Woods. These range from back-to-basics, one-bedroom cabins for individuals all the way up to a five-bedroom home suitable for a dozen or more guests.

Forest of Peace

Forest of Peace

Forest of Peace offers an escape to over 45 acres of natural tranquility in Sand Springs. This setting is the perfect spot to enjoy a daytime getaway, overnight stay, or attend one of the many scheduled events like their community meditations.

Programs by Forest of Peace include sessions on spiritual direction, overnight retreats, a creative residency, mindfulness, and a forest therapy walk. Or go your own way with your group or individually with a personal retreat. Use the facilities provided by Forest of Peace and make sure to enjoy a full immersion in the natural surroundings.

Visitors planning to spend a night can select a standard, one-bedroom cabin or reserve the hermitage and enjoy more square footage, loads of windows for natural light, and increased privacy. In either accommodation, you’ll be surrounded by the peace and quiet provided by the wooded property.

There are sacred spaces all around the grounds at Forest of Peace as you can visit the light-soaked main chapel, a zen garden, a stone labyrinth to walk, and a full trail system for hikes.

The Canebrake Spa & Resort

The Canebreak Spa & Resort

The Canebrake Spa & Resort takes you on a self-guided retreat that will allow you to pamper yourself and get some rest. Situated on over 300 acres of forest, pasture, and waterfront on Fort Gibson Lake, this wellness resort is found in Wagoner, Oklahoma.

The Canebrake Spa & Resort is a destination unto itself, with a bar and restaurant, spa, boutique shop, yoga gym, and hotel all wrapped up in one picturesque countryside package. This is a true getaway, providing everything you could possibly need for an enjoyable wellness vacation. 

Browse the full menu of spa treatments at The Canebrake and treat yourself to the pampering of a lifetime. Enjoy a relaxing massage and rest easy in your choice of accommodations from the simple to the luxurious. Make it the retreat of your dreams and bring that special someone along.

Spa Lux

Spa Lux keeps you close to the city and helps you experience the cozy pampering that comes with the good life. Located in Tulsa, Spa Lux is a full-service spa offering massages, body treatments, facials, waxing, and a steam room. 

Make your selections from the full menu or indulge in one of the premade packages and let the staff take care of the rest.

This is an excellent place for those who want to spend a day rejuvenating and reconnecting with themselves in the process. It’s a convenient escape from everyday stresses and takes you to a place where all melts away, and relaxation is the natural byproduct.

Let go of your cares and energize your body and mind through your favorite treatments at Spa Lux, like spa body therapy and more. The peace of mind will be yours to keep.

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