7 Best Wellness Retreats & Resorts In Arizona 2022

The incredible landscape and fantastic year-round weather make Arizona a top destination for those looking for wellness retreats. From intimate and private personal retreats to larger venues able to accommodate corporate or company gatherings, Arizona has a lot to offer. 

Depending on what you are looking to get out of your retreat experience, these retreat centers take advantage of the surrounding landscape and history to deliver life-changing and unforgettable wellness experiences.

Along with the landscape and scenery, these retreats also focus on a variety of areas. Whether you’re looking to grow your spiritual side, reconnect with a loved one or spouse, or just take time for yourself. These are some of the best wellness retreats in Arizona to relax and re-energize your soul. 

1. Amara Resort & Spa

amara resort

Location: 100 Amara Ln, Sedona, AZ 86336

The Amara Resort and Spa provides some of the coziest accommodations hard to find anywhere else. With its location in Sedona, AZ, the wellness resort provides visitors with beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes and everything you would want from a relaxing vacation. 

It's a picturesque campus contains an outdoor swimming pool and a spa where you can get any kind of treatment, including facials, massages, and more. Their fitness center helps you stay fit during your wellness retreat at this scenic resort. The SaltRock Southwest Kitchen restaurants on its premises offer some delicious cuisine with locally sourced ingredients.

You can rent guest rooms and suites with panoramic views of the surrounding areas.  There are many things to do around the hotel, including going on fun outdoor adventures or booking private meditation and yoga classes with experienced instructors. 

2. Tucson Community Meditation Center

Location: 1147 N Howard Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716

Situated near the heart of Tucson, just a few miles from the University of Arizona Campus, the Tucson Community Meditation Center (TCMC) provides community support and guidance toward the practice of mindfulness and meditation. 

Not only does the center have residential and non-residential retreats, but the TCMC also hosts social events and classes. It routinely hosts yoga classes, mindfulness classes, and many more. The TCMC is non-sectarian and welcomes anyone interested in daily mindfulness or meditation. 

They offer a variety of wellness retreat sessions throughout the year, focusing on non-sectarian spirituality and mindfulness. There are also a few virtual retreats that occur throughout the year. 

The number of available spots in each retreat is kept relatively low, at 15, to allow for a closer connection and guidance. Along with using a sliding scale for the cost of each retreat, the Center is committed to its mission of community support with mindfulness. It certainly offers some of the most affordable retreats in Arizona.

3. Breath of Life Christian Retreat

Breath of Life Center

Location: 5659 Chaparral Lane, Pine, AZ 85544

A retreat center with a bit more defined focus, the Breath of Life Christian Retreat Center (BLCR) maintains a home-away-from-home environment for all kinds of creative artists and writers. The retreat home is located in the small town of Pine, AZ, and has ample space for up to 13 guests. For talk or teaching-based retreats, the meeting room can fit a few more.

There is limited space for overnight stays as the BLCR is primarily focused on delivering a wholesome and open space for creativity and closeness. Yoga and wellness groups are welcome to make the most of the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere the Christian retreat centers offers. You can also book a comforting massage with a licensed therapist.

While there might not be a set agenda or schedule like other centers, the hosts support you with whatever is needed to get the most out of your stay. Home-cooked meals are provided and included with your retreat fee.

4. Dharma Treasure

Location: 2126 W Windancer Trail, Cochise, AZ 85606

Dharma Treasure has various wellness retreat options for a deeper exploration into spiritual-based mindfulness and meditation. It offers two-week-long group retreats and solo retreats. Dharma Treasures is only about an hour and a half from Tucson. 

The location is considered sacred by the Chiricahua Apaches, and meditators are dedicated to keeping the practice going in the quiet area. Although the focus of Dharma Treasure is based on the guidance and teachings of Buddhism, you are in control of your schedule and what you want to get out of the experience.

The convenient location near the Coronado National Forest provides opportunities for all kinds of outdoor adventures, with numerous hiking trails and birdwatching opportunities. Throughout the year, Dharma Treasure organizes several structured retreats. These can be up to 16 days long and are meant to focus the mind on specific teachings or goals. 

For a solo or self-guided group retreat experience, Dharma Treasure supports setting a daily schedule for you and your group, including meditation practice, meal preparation, community work, and personal time.

5. Granite Hills Retreat and Conference Center

granite hills

Location: 2025 W Iron Springs Rd., Prescott, AZ 86305

Granite Hills Retreat and Conference Center (GHC) is one of the largest retreat centers in Arizona. The all-season venue is open for nearly any size of group or purpose. Being primarily a venue, there are limited summer camps that offer a more formated and guided experience. 

For those looking for a location to hold a corporate retreat or one for a large number of people, GHC might be at the top of the list. Conveniently located near downtown Prescott, GHC features ample space for day use and numerous activities, including an open swimming pool, giant swing, archery range, ropes course, and climbing tower. With its massive facilities, it’s one of the more entertaining wellness retreats you can go on.

For groups looking for an overnight experience, GHC has a variety of lodging for groups of up to 400 people. The meeting spaces can be configured to meet the need of the group and can hold hundreds of guests.

6. Western Spirit Ranch

western spirit ranch view

Location: 50 Willow Way, Sedona, AZ 86336

Connecting the picturesque scenery of Sedona with guided spiritual mindfulness and mediation practice, Western Spirit Ranch offers an incredible variety of wellness retreats, from those focusing on self-care to couples or small groups.

This wellness resort is dedicated to personal experiences and limit the number of guests to four or five. Along with the ability to accommodate a variety of group sizes, Western Spirit Ranch also supports the desired goals of each individual guest. The hosts help customize the schedule and retreat to create a life-changing wellness experience with fun indoor and outdoor activities. They offer spa services, so you can get a gentle massage while visiting. 

A week-long wellness retreat that lasts six nights includes comfortable and cozy lodging, six to eight guided workshops, daily meditation classes, and access to world-renowned recreation areas. Whatever your intent that brought you to this spiritual retreat center, Western Spirit Ranch can help guide you through a path of healing and self-exploration.

7. Spirit In the Desert

spirit in the desert

Location: 7415 E Elbow Bend Rd., Carefree, AZ 85377

Conveniently located northeast of Phoenix in Carefree, AZ, Spirit in the Desert is a large venue that can host a variety of retreats or functions. If you are looking for a guided experience, Spirit in the Desert offers a few options for individuals and families alike. With these Arizona wellness retreats, you’re led through mindfulness exercises and meditation classes while taking advantage of the local recreation activities.

You can actually get help from one of their staff members to plan out your individual retreat. The beautiful resort has a spa for treating yourself, worship facilities, meditation spaces, and a heated swimming pool to relax in. 

There is also 24-hour coffee/tea, refreshments, water, and ice. Spirit in the Desert also offers group retreats for large teams. There are two lodging buildings with 14 rooms and six suites for overnight retreats. If you are looking for a single-day retreat, there are seven indoor meeting spaces with room for up to 90 people.

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