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9 Best Wellness Retreats & Resorts In Colorado 2024

Wellness Retreats in Colorado

Life can be stressful and call for a wellness retreat sometimes. Fortunately, Colorado has plenty of centers for individuals, couples, or groups to get away for a couple of days or a couple of weeks.

With its many rivers, mountains, woodlands, and plains, the Centennial State provides a wonderful setting to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Here are the best wellness retreats in Colorado for locals and tourists to sit back, unwind, and restore their senses during their stay.

Best Colorado Wellness Retreats

If you’re a Colorado resident or plan to visit the state sometime soon with your friends, teammates, classmates, or coworkers, there are quite a few options when it comes to choosing between wellness retreats.

While some retreat centers host their own programs, including yoga retreats and meditation retreats, you can also rent these places for your own private needs.

1. Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

The Cheyenne Mountain Resort is hidden within the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs.  It offers a luxurious destination for travelers looking to experience a wellness retreat surrounded by Colorado’s natural beauty. Travelers can choose from a variety of spa packages for a relaxing vacation.

There is plenty to do around the resort, with spa services that include a body scrub, facials, massages, and nail services, including pedicures and manicures. Facilities include hot tubs, outdoor swimming pools that are heated, golf courses, and dining areas with top-notch restaurants. 

The guest rooms and suites offer scenic mountain views. Rooms contain large windows to get amazing sights right from your bed and private balconies to get some fresh air. There are two cozy queen beds and one king plush bed options. For guests with higher budgets, you can also rent presidential suites that have fireplaces, large living space areas with sofas, and your own small bar.

2. Womans Empowerment Copper Mountain Retreat

Women's Empowerment Mountain Retreat

The Woman’s Empowerment Mountain Retreat takes place in the heart of the Rockies in Copper Mountain. Join intuitive coach Shara Ogin for an extended weekend retreat in a beautiful and inviting ski lodge home.

Release the blocks of day-to-day life on your way to realizing a higher potential. Guests can learn the fundamentals of the Feldenkrais method. Each day involves yoga classes and fun group activities combined with healthy home-cooked meals. 

Enjoy the limited company of 8 participants and receive one-on-one attention and instruction through yoga and meditation, as well as personal and spiritual development. Choose between shared rooms or your own room with a private bathroom and shower.

3. Sanctuary of the Rose

Sanctuary Of The Rose

The Sanctuary of Rose’s motto is “Relax, Retreat, Renew” when you experience your stay at their luxury center. The beautiful guesthouse is near the Colorado Springs Rocky Mountains, close to Pikes Peak.

While no group retreats can be scheduled at the Sanctuary of the Rose, couples and solo travelers can enjoy a wellness retreat experience as the sanctuary prides itself on renewal.

Couples receive accommodations such as a cozy queen bed with the fanciest of linens, a flatscreen television, a bathtub with a Kastmarble shower, an intimate kitchenette space, and gorgeous mountain views that you can see from your retreat rooms porch. 

The labyrinth is for meditation retreat experiences. All guests are encouraged to walk the labyrinth, a traditional healing experience via prayer, meditation, enforcing creativity, and other cognitive and spiritual benefits. Enjoy various hiking trails to stretch your legs as a couple or have separate meditative walks.

4. Varja Vidya

Vajra Vidya

As a non-profit retreat center, Varja Vidya offers recurring monthly memberships for individuals who regularly want a retreat experience to clear and renew their minds. People can book their center for all types of group retreats.

There are six types of monthly recurring membership options, with more perks you can receive as the prices increase. All membership dues are put back into running Varja Vidya and its center activities. 

For example, the Sangha package is $15 per month and gives you access to 10% off one group wellness retreat. The Vajra package is $108 per month and offers you a one night complimentary stay per year and 15% off group learning events that you can engage in throughout the year. 

You can choose from 5 different rooms to stay in, including a VIP suite. At Varja Vidya, you experience daily meditations to clear and renew your mind, a view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains from the Buddhist monastery, and relaxing group programs that help you heal alongside other people staying at the Colorado retreat.   

5. Crestone Retreats

Crestone Retreats

Crestone Retreats is a mountain zen center in Crestone, Colorado, that offers relaxing individual and group retreats to calm body and mind in the heart of a monastic Zen practice center. 

Choose from lodging facilities including traditional camping accommodations, yurt, hillside cabin, studio rooms, skylight rooms, platform tents, and much more. 

From the middle of July to September, groups can book retreats to Crestone. If you reserve as a group, you must stay for a minimum of four nights per the group booking policy. It’s a great option if you’re setting up a company retreat or for sports teams.

During your retreat, you can enjoy fresh food from the three daily meals they prepare for you and a relaxing tech-free experience where you can unplug and unwind. You can also request vegetarian meals to match your preferences and ingredients come from their organic gardens. 

Practice Tai Chi, take yoga classes, hike in the mountains, or relax in your room without the distractions of a cell phone. It’s a great place for people who want to meditate or work on a personal project without interruption. 

Their atmosphere is unmatched in terms of peace and tranquility. 

6. Mercy Center

Mercy Center

With an aim to help with “healing the whole person”, the Mercy Center is one of the top retreat centers in Colorado Springs, as they offer counseling and inner healing during your entire stay. 

There are several categories of counseling offered, like couples counseling, life transitions counseling, and psychological testing to be considered a monastic candidate. 

It’s the perfect Colorado wellness retreat for couples. Couples counseling helps bring a couple closer together, especially those who constantly argue and need a relationship strengthening builder. Partners can build back their intimacy levels, improve communication skills, anger management abilities, and conflict resolution tactics to use on one another. 

The counseling for life transitions involves therapy for significant life changes, whether a job transition, starting retirement, a huge health turnaround that changes one’s ability to work, marital status changes, and more. 

If you want to be considered a monastic candidate and need a psychological evaluation and behavioral assessment, you can Mercy Center for additional information.

7. Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat

The Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat is known as “a home for meditation in nature,” you can visit by yourself or with a group to reconnect and renew minds through their meditation classes. They welcome groups from underserved communities, including veterans and people of color.

The entire 180-acre campus consists of a beautiful river and vast forest land near the Arapahoe National Forest. People can observe various wildlife while camping or staying at their lodge, which can host up to thirty people.

When you become a member at this wellness retreat center, you can benefit from hiking and access member-exclusive events. If you pay the entire year’s membership upfront, you can get two free months as a bonus. 

Member-exclusive events include workshops headed by Buddhist specialists, personal meditation retreats, the ability to register for retreats early, and member-only webinars with the teachers on staff and other members. 

8. The Hideaway Inn

The HIdeaway Inn

With 22 rooms, The Hideaway Inn offers each one with a full bathroom and as many individual beds as you request to be able to sleep up to 5 people per room. 

It’s the perfect center to stay at in Colorado Springs for group retreats. People can host family reunions, wedding groups and receptions, sports teams, and more. Their favorable location offers beautiful sights of Pikes Peak. You don’t have to worry about food, as all three meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. 

This site is also a great place to book for company retreats. There are five meeting rooms with a monitor, DVD player, whiteboard, and more for office members to finish their work or hold a business meeting before having a calming day at The Hideaway. 

Get revitalized and work your muscles in the exercise room, then relax at the game room and the three spas throughout the property for all sorts of body treatment. No matter how you choose to relax and recharge, you can decide how to spend the day.

9. Cathedral Ridge

Cathedral Ridge gives youth and families access to camping accommodations and adult wellness retreats. Individuals and groups are housed in hotel-style rooms, cottages, bunkhouses, and more during their stay in Woodland Parks, CO. 

The center and campus measures 160 acres and offer plenty of outdoor activities to do like exploring their hiking trails, rock climbing, and more. If you’re planning something for a group, you rent out their Lupine Lodge, consisting of 22 rooms.

The youth camps allow children to connect with other young Christians and, more importantly, God, even in a non-church setting like outdoor camping. Kids can enjoy activities such as archery, gaga ball, and zip-lining after daily activities of Bible study and worship.

The adult retreats can be self-guided or directed. Individuals and couples can take advantage of this cleansing retreat option. Adults can walk the labyrinth to reconnect with themselves and one another spiritually through meditation and enhancing one’s minds.

Some retreats, especially for Episcopal church leaders, can help reconnect and build a stronger foundation with God. It’s certainly one of the best wellness retreats for those looking to grow their spirituality. 

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